The high quality and low cost services I provide

Web Development

I can create fast, reliable and very attractive websites with all that you need including personal pages, online shops and many more.

Web Development

Vector illustrations

Creating everything that require vector drawing with CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator, things like furniture, design your object or branding.

Vector illustrations


It's the soul of every company or identity, creating beautiful minimalist or more complex logos is one my favorite things



Promoting your business or an event never been so easy, I can do custom flyers that will help getting the people where you want when you want.



Make sure everyone have the right information about your company, I can do all sorts of branding and personalized merchandise.


... and much more

Feel free to contact me, I can manage to do many digital things and also I'm very good fixing all sort of computer problems: windows, mac or linux. Contact me here or visit tegarte.com page.

... and much more

Color does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it.

Pierre Bonnard


Just a little bit about me

  • About, first image

My name is Jorge Gaspar, born in Leiria, Portugal in the year of 1987.
In 2009 I created Tegarte, a company/community which I use as a brand for all of my works and services.
I have a big passion for everything digital related, and from an early age I started working in these platforms.


The skills learned so far

  • Webdesign (PHP/mysql)90%
  • Photoshop95%
  • CorelDRAW100%
  • HTML5/CSS375%
  • Flash60%


Meet some of the clients

Chico Fininho


Braço de Prata

Bar · Book Store · Concert Venue

Ana Gago



Woman's Health Gym

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